Some Projects I’ve Worked On
(Page still in progress)

2022 - ADU Idea Book for Midcentury Homes 

> Interesting Tactics was a part of a team that included Erasing Architecture and Molina Realtors toresearch and design six case study Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) for mid-century neighborhoodsin the Twin Cities. The research and case study designs were commissioned to be in an Idea Bookpublished by the Family Housing Fund (FHF). The case studies were designed based on real sites inseveral cities around the Twin Cities. Each case study responded to different local conditions likebuilding codes, owner preferences, and site conditions.

2020 - Muhammad Ali Louisville International Airport 

> While at Alliiance, I played a role in the ambitious remodeling and branding project at Louisville International Airport, impacting 150,000 square feet of terminal and concourse space. Our work achieved pragmatic goals through updated finishes, amenity spaces, a striking facade, and elegant  canopy.

2019/2020 - Barton Triangle Park

> After receiving a grant from the Prospect Park Neighborhood Association,  Interesting Tactics proposed turningthe overgrown and under-used median on Barton Avenue in Minneapolis into a public space with a newsculptural bench and a gathering space. Our process included earnest neighborhood engagement,public charettes, design services, construction, plantings, and maintenance.> Eventually the streetview will get updated... >Project photos can be found here.

2019 - Flora Sauna for Solar Fauna

>The Flora Sauna was designed as a small, interactive, and mobile architecture for the Art Shanty Projects located on Bde Umna (Lake Harriet) with Interesting Tactics. Our installation was inspired by deep winter greenhouses and local sauna culture. Conceptually, the space was a sauna for plants and human visitors with passive design strategies. It surprised visitors with a taste of spring in February along with warm respite fille with evergreen species and early spring bulbs. After the festival, the Shanty was turned into a real Greenhouse! >Featured in Minnesota Monthly
>Photos can be found here.

2019 - Living Pillows for Daydreaming Station

>The Living Pillows project was part of a collaboration with  Interesting Tactics , artist Peng Wu (Archive of Sleeplessness), curator Boris Oicherman, and the Target Studio for Creative Collaboration at the Weisman Museum. Grass and other plants grew out of the pillows and provided visitors with an experience similar to napping in a field. 
>Photos can be found here.

2019 - Microsurface

> The Microsurface chair was a self-initiated project that began as a chair, but became something entirely different. Part object to sit on, part sneaker, part living organism - with turf grass, fungus, mold, and herbs. The chair can never be finished, rather, it is an ongoing process that has come to be called "microsurface," in that it responds in some ways to Superstudio's "supersurface" But, these micosurfaces have the ambition of embodying and creating a place to celebrate UTOPING. >Photos can be found here.

2019 - Future of the Skyways

Interesting Tactics was invited to present work about the Future of the Skyways as part of the symposium,  Passages, organized by  Europe-based feminist art and culture magazine Petunia. The symposium took place at co. (company projects)/The Third Rail and at the Goethe Pop Up Minneapolis Goethe in the Skyways in the city’s iconic skyway system.  
> Research for the project investigated the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow (better known as EPCOT), the Minnesota Experimental City, and the US Highway System to gain insight into the specific strains of post-war utopianism which created the skyway as we know it today. We chose to accelerate and reframe the ideologies which fueled each of these . That is - to utope by imagining a new and optimistic future of the skyways through an investigation of the system’s relationship to the commons, to climate, and to technology.
> The symposium took place during the Year of German-American Friendship 2018/19, where the Goethe Pop Up Minneapolis Goethe in the Skyways occupied a space in the city’s futuristic-looking Skyway system. We were included in their publication that documented the year-long program. 

2019 - Living Labor

> My thesis project looking at the rituals of the workday and their impact on the built enviroment. 
> Advisor: Vahan Misakyan

2018 - Unboxing the Home

> Studio project produced with Trevor Issacsson and Sam Brisset for a speculative urban design proposal for the city of Duisburg. Duisburg is the final stop along China’s Belt and Road intiative. The project investigated the impacts of logisitcal forces on the people who occupy cities.
> Watch the full presentation of the project here.
> Instructor: Vahan Misakyan

2018 - Terraform the Desert

2017 - Food Babel

> Food Babel explores the accelerating alienation of food production. The first farms hastened the move away from a nomadic society: making food is making place. Now, the majority of food production exists at a global industrial scale. Food Babel explored this acceleration by proposing a vertical food factory in the Whittier neighborhood of Minneapolis. The project investigated the tension between a future where human understandings of food production is increasingly mediated by technology, while also recalling myths about the promise of technology to produce a totalizing and centrally located infrastructure - like the Tower of Babel.

>The project proposed multiple realities:

 (1) The tower projects its inevitable collapse, so that the architecture is designed to already be a pre-built ruin to house future programs,

(2) The inherent technological basis of agriculture is expressed as techno-farm on the facade.

(3) The architecture offers the potential for its technology to be a liberating force - decolonizing land from agricultural production and bringing it into the city.