Drew Smith is an architectural designer and educator based in Chicago. He is a member of the utopic spatial practice, Interesting Tactics. Previously, he was a visiting instructor in architecture at South Dakota State University.





Unboxing the Home

Circadian and logisitics rythms were mapped over a 24 hour cycle using 10,000 address scraped from Yelp in Duisburg, Germany

From The Surveillant City Studio taught by Vahan Miskayan, Fall 2018
In collaboration
with Sam Brissett and Trevor Isaacson

The promise of logisitics is convenience and an on-demand lifestyle that produces a situation where humans no longer have to participate in the urban environment to shop, watch a movie, see a doctor, and so on. Even though logistics supports people’s needs and wants, it’s newest manifestation in the form of digital tools does not align with the circadian rhythms built-in to the human body. Therefore, in each city there are two competing systems - one that tracks, stores, moves, and delivers products and one which services and stores people based on time of day. These two cities physically misalign - either set aside outside of city limits in the form of docks, warehouse, or manufacturing facitilies or hidden within the cities in the form of pipes, cables, trucks, and wifi signals. Leveraging this misalignment is a means in which architectures can produce space of productive conflict.

The project asks the following question: could a new master programming in post-industrial cities inject contingency into the growing ubiquitousness of logistics? If the home continues to store its traditional roles - parenting, cooking, dining, entertaining, and sleeping, in addition to its new ones - working, meeting, and shopping - will it still continue to function? Our suggestion is that a new programmatic intervention that radically counter-stores  the traditional household roles into the city. The creation of an urbanized 4th space - allowing individuals to communicate, interact, and learn from their surroundings communally with the goal of collectivizing and reinvigorating the commons to replace the political into the physical city.

Unboxed Program on an Industrial Site in Duisburg, Germany

Collective parenting progam on a downtown site in Duisburg, Germany

Collective hearth progam in a urban site in Duisburg, Germany

Master Program for Duisburg, Germany