Drew Smith is an architectural designer and educator based in Chicago. He is a member of the utopic spatial practice, Interesting Tactics. Previously, he was a visiting instructor in architecture at South Dakota State University.





Peace Pavilion

This pavilion explores the role of architecture in encouraging collective action in the fight for peace. The project is composed of a roof garden, a ramping gallery space, and a chamber for reflection. Mostly hidden and inaccessible, visitors are only given a glimpse of the garden above, unable to experience it. This is because the space represents the Garden of Eden, paradise lost, utopia, and peace – a place that does not exist in world currently.

Upon entering, visitors are directed down a spiraling ramp passing through various art installations and gallery spaces. At the end of the ramp, there is a large chamber – with a single opening in the ceiling – giving the users another, more intimate glimpse of the garden. In the center of the room, is pile of rocks ascending to the opening above. Here, visitors are encouraged to bring a rock and symbolically place it on the pile. The pile grows with each rock, inching closer and closer to the garden above.