Drew Smith is an architectural designer based in South Dakota. He is a visiting instructor at South Dakota State University and a member of the utopic spatial practice, Interesting Tactics.

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Garden Hotel

The Garden Hotel responds to a site that is in between two well known gardens in the Eixample neighborhood of Barcelona. The design challenge of this project was to create a hotel that would maintain the connection between the two parks.

The starting point of the design was to create a continuous forest from the Gardens of Emma to the Gardens Montal. This idea was manifested through a series of tree-columns that would extend from the site through the whole building. The columns were placed in an irregular grid to mimic the plan of a forest.
Additionally, voids extend through the whole hotel, going from the roof to the ground floor. This connects the building vertically with the park. While also introducing natural light into the interior of the hotel, the lobby, and the ground floor “park space.”

In the guest rooms, the goal was to create ambiguitious spaces – as the rooms looks like gardens, as much as they do rooms. Also, the boundaries of the rooms are very flexible, allowing the guests hotel room to expand into the interior hotel space and onto the balconies.